:: Born 1978, Romania.

:: independent curator, art writer.

:: co-editor of PAVILION [contemporary art & culture magazine]

:: co-director (with Razvan Ion) of Bucharest Biennale

 :: president of artphoto asc.
artphoto asc. is an  international non-profit arts organization based in Bucharest, Romania, editor of Pavilion and producer of Bucharest Biennale.



Curatorial projects____

2005 curator and artistic director for: 1 Bucharest Biennale, Romania
Statement: identity_factories
Artists: Annika Larsson, Tim White, John Goto, AES+F, Common Culture, Lev Manovich, Andrei Iancu, Cristian Stan, Critical Factor.

2005 co-curator for: “INTIMACY :: DIGITAL SKIN”, New Media Arts Festival, Bankok, Thailand
Statement: how innocent is that?
Artists: Razvan Ion and Bogdan Stanciulescu

2005 romanian curator for: identity factories, International Ljubljana Photo, Slovenia
Statement: identity_factories
Artists: Razvan Ion, Cristian Stan, Andrei Iancu

2005 co-curator for Critical Mass Project, PhotoLucida, Portland, Oregon, SUA


 Contributions ____

 :: reviewer for [artphoto]festival.bucharest[v.01] 2005

:: reviewer for Critical Mass Project, PhotoLucida, Portland, Oregon, SUA

:: permanent contributor for: Asymetria (France), Live Magazine (USA), Dilema (Romania), Art-hoc (Chisinau/Bucharest), Timpul (Romania), Cuvintul (Romania), MAP (SUA),

:: member of the jury at Sony Digital Still Trophy Award 2004




:: 2004 me_series, digital drawings, MLR Galeries, Bucharest, Romania
– curators: Dana Altman (New York) and Vladimir Bulat (Bucharest)

:: 2003 untitled_ox1, digital drawings, Bucharest, Romania


:: 2005 me_series, International Ljubljana Photo, Slovenia
:: 2004 “The Coolest Thing I Ever Did”, Sidney, Australia. Curator: Rebecca Cannon
:: 2004 me_series, InterFACES, Bangkok, Thailand.  Curator: Francis Wittenberger
:: 2004 me_series, National Museum of Art, Timisoara, Romania. Curator: Ileana Pintilie
:: 2002 
Orange, Orange Studio, Bucharest, Romania



:: videoclip. art Facultatea de Arte, Timisoara
– The project talk about the connection between contemporary art and music videoclips. The videoclip belongs to what contemporary language defines as new media. It has all the features to be incorporated into this trend: a personal operating system using various software applications in order to build images, appearances and virtual realities.



:: Private collectors in France, Finland, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Australia.


Selected work on publications and critics____

:: Arhitext Design, november 2004
:: artphoto, portfolio, July 2004
:: artphoto, January 2004
:: ART-hoc, July-August 2002
:: Orange Awards, Artphoto, January 2003
:: pixel_identity_8.01 series, FSI catalogue, Berlin, Germany


Selected writings____

:: work of body, essay about Mona Hatoum, artphoto, printed and online edition, january 2005
Woman is the most fascinating and rich entity on Earth, essay for “digital_session” by Cristian Crisbasan (artist book)
:: About my memory and her reflections, essay for “reflection of memory” by Antonio Zivkovic (artist book)
:: Quite_quite identities, essay for “visual_witness” by Razvan Ion (artist book)
:: Despre cum ma traiesc ceilalti, ART-hoc, November 2004
Baltimore. Paradise Omeros, essay about Isaac Julien, artphoto, printed and online edition, July 2004
:: Alterity and Video, ART-hoc, June 2003
:: Alterity and Video, artphoto, online edition, June 2003
:: The Origin of Video, artphoto, online edition, March 2003
:: An Idea About Video Clips, artphoto, printed and online edition, January 2003
The Relative Aesthetics of Photography, Live Magazine, August 2002
:: Between Video and Nothing, Dilema, August 2002
:: Moral Relativism and the Political Implications, Actualitatea, June 2001
Romania a Country Without Constitution, Asymetria, June 2001
:: Recontruction of the International Sistem, Actualitatea, May 2001