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essays by Lev Manovich, Tetsuo Kogawa, Eugen Radescu, Mark Durden, Zsolt Petranyi, Dana Altman.

english, 72 pages, 50 colour images, hard bound, 17×23 cm

20 copies signed, numbered and presented in a cloth-handmade box including a signed and numbered original c-print from “search:beauty”. Each print has been made, hand-signed and numbered by the artist

published by artphoto editions, 2004, ISBN 973-0-03653-5


"The images of Razvan Ion are very beautiful and very timely (which is another way of saying they perfectly capture the sensibility and the mood of the beginning of this century)."

Lev Manovich

"Razvan Ion’s works reminds me of Bert Brecht’s famous technique: V-Effekt (Alienation Effect). Unfortunately, this technique has been considered as a kind of exaggerating and punctuating effect. I have never seen a Brechtien stage at my satisfaction. I think the V-Effekt should be more subtle and stealthy tactics. In this sense, Ion might be more authentic to Brecht."

Tetsuo Kogawa

"To feel the characters from the works of Razvan Ion is not a simple, unmediated relationship with an image/object. Ultimately, feeling means thinking, that is perceiving the given being. The search for the whole in the truncated, dehumanized images, reduced to an impenetrable scale."

Eugen Radescu



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