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Eduard Constantin

Born in 1977 – Ploiesti, Romania. Lives and works in Belgium and Romania


“Living in the West – Neighbours”, interactive video, 2004

“Abandoned houses”, video, 4’, 2004
Venues: Museum of Geology


After an absence of 6 years from my native town, I started to realise how much my neighbourhood has changed. I transformed my balcony in an observation point. I film my neighbours who live in the block of flats in front of my own because they are occupying a large part of my horizon. With a look that might seem indiscreet, we observe each other daily, mostly because our private balcony is for all of us the only public space where we encounter each other.
From the same point of observation I see the parking of a supermarket, which was transformed in a playground by the kids, in the same way as the gas station lawn. We have become used to these things and we consider them normal: living with half of horizon as well as having improvised playgrounds. I try, watching from my tower or walking around it, to make an analysis of the area I live in: Ploiesti Vest, also called “in the West”. (Eduard Constantin)

Recent group exhibitions
2005: On Difference, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
2004: – Europe Square XXL, Amsterdam – 10th International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor, Slovenia
2003: – The Show Must Go On, documentary project, H.arta gallery, Timisoara –  Interval X, light -installation, 2Meta Gallery, Bucharest     
2001: The X Place, installation – intervention, the French Institute, Bucharest