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. location:
the center of the festival will be Flanders Hotel. Located right in the center of Bucharest, the 3 stars hotel has facilities for portfolio review, hotel, restaurant and a nice terrace.

. click here for details about the hotel.

. program:
. every day from 18th-20th May 2007, from 9.00 hours until 17.00 hours.

. during the 3-day sessions, the attendants will have the occasion of review sessions with all the present reviewers.

. the portfolio review is an event where artists will present their work to the reviewers (for video or new media please bring your personal laptop).

. you’ll have the opportunity to get one-on-one instructive feedback as your portfolio is being reviewed by some of the most highly acclaimed professionals in the contemporary art scene today. Not only will they review your work, but you’ll also learn important tips. 

. in addition to the formal portfolio reviews, there is plenty of time for informal networking and meetings with other artists.

. PAVILION Meeting Place is one-of-a-kind in the world dedicated to all contemporary art mediums (from painting to photography, from video to new media, from installation to performance).

. the price for 3 days sessions is 145 Euro.

. please be aware that reservations for the Portfolio are limited.

. for further details please contact Andreea Manolache, portfolio review coordinator.

. email: [email protected]


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