PAVILION is an art and culture magazine which by its name alludes to the relative temporary structure of contemporary art.

The magazine features wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content in each issue, by means of the varied formats of columns, essays, interviews and artistic projects.

PAVILION addresses itself to a broad audience of readers, which are interested in contemporary culture as well as recent political and social issues.

Our publication does not only want to describe contemporary phenomena but with its militant attitude, it endeavours to intervene in cultural, political and social life.

PAVILION aims to publish a mixture of established and upcoming artists, theoreticians and writers. 

Moreover, we publish brand-new texts as well as articles dealing with important themes of the recent years. Therefore, PAVILION could also be referred to as a reader.

Every issue of the magazine has a special theme that offers a general outline for the body of texts, artworks and projects.


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