Antonio Zivkovic, HandMade, 24 X 30 cm, b/w, courtesy: Antonio Zivkovic
  About my memory and her reflections
by Eugen Radescu

The memory assumes the existence of the past, the memory is actual. The present is fiction, an abstract element. The future is indiscernible, thus unreal. The representation/reflection assumes the touch with the real. It is a contemplation, an attitude, a knowledge.
Antonio Zivkovic suggests us a reflection of memory bits. His photographs are “broken” memories, pieces, elements of a past that no longer exists, a past that belongs to the artist’s memory.
The representation retains only the well-defined shapes, thus the memory is a sum of events kept in the subconscious. An important element of Zivkovic’s photographs is the fact that the images are monochrome. They have a tone of nostalgia: a representation of something far away, revolute, for which the absence is painfully felt and for which the soul longs deeply. The photographs are a sort of soul back drive, a longing for return, a detachment from the present.
All the events of the memory, its reflections, don’t occur for a single time, but repeat themselves forever. They contain their own organic feature, which is irreversibility. The fulfilled event, materialized, is always an obtained, the opposite of the obtaining.
The emotion of the artist precedes the representation of the photographed object.

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